Cable Clips

The Round Leg Cable Clips are one of our most popular cable management solutions.  These Round Leg Clips are available in three different sizes and come in three elegant finishes for enhanced aesthetic appeal.  Simple to use and no installation hardware required, simply snap onto a table leg and start organizing wires.  Your customers will love these as their position can always be adjusted and readjusted to fit the changed needs of the user.


Part Number Description Quantity Per Carton
CPF-03-CL-01-GF 50mm to 60mm, Graphite 100
CPF-03-CL-01-AL 50mm to 60mm, Aluminum 100
CPF-03-CL-01-TR 50mm to 60mm, Transparent 100
CPF-03-CL-02-GF 35mm to 40mm, Graphite 100
CPF-03-CL-02-AL 35mm to 40mm, Aluminum 100
CPF-03-CL-02-TR 35mm to 40mm, Transparent 100
CPF-03-CL-05-GF 70mm to 80mm, Graphite 100
CPF-03-CL-05-AL 70mm to 80mm, Aluminum 100
CPF-03-CL-05-TR 70mm to 80mm, Transparent 100

Product Specifications (CPF-03-CL-01) – View | Download

Product Specifications (CPF-03-CL-02) – View | Download

Product Specifications (CPF-03-CL-05) – View | Download