Cable Snake


The Cable Snake is a unique wire manager for controlling wires from the work surface to the floor.  All wires are completely hidden and protected inside the Cable Snake; the wires are then fed out through the bottom at the foot enabling the user to plug them into a socket.  It is highly flexible and can be used on stationary or height-adjustable desks and comes with the top mounting plate and foot.

The Cable Snake can also be purchased a la carte, enabling you to configure it how you would like.

It can be used with or without the Cable Trough (sold separately).

Part Number Description Quantity Per Carton
CPF-46055A10 Cable Snake, 720mm, 28.346”, Black 16
CPF-46055AB1 Cable Snake, 720mm, 28.346”, Silver 16
CPF-46055B10 Cable Snake, 1300mm, 51.181”, Black 12
CPF-46055BB1 Cable Snake, 1300mm, 51.181”, Silver 12
CPF-46056A10 Cable Snake Top Mounting Plate, Black 12
CPF-46056AB1 Cable Snake Top Mounting Plate, Silver 12
CPF-46056B10 Cable Snake Single Element, Black 100
CPF-46056BB1 Cable Snake Single Element, Silver 100
CPF-46056C10 Cable Snake Foot, Black 12
CPF-46056CB1 Cable Snake Foot, Silver 12