Tip-Top Folding Table System Kits

The Tip-Top Folding Table System is an intelligent, space-saving folding desk and table system with an elegant design.  Ideal for conference areas, training rooms, and desks.

tip-top-standard original
1_99_3 black-legs
Part Number Description Quantity Per Carton
CPF-47631A99 Tip Top Standard Kit, 1400mm, Silver Legs 1
CPF-47632A99 Tip Top Standard Kit, 1600mm, Silver Legs 1
CPF-47633A99 Tip Top Standard Kit, 1800mm, Silver Legs 1
CPF-48703A99B Tip Top 710 Kit, 1400mm, Black Legs 1
CPF-48704A99B Tip Top 710 Kit, 1600mm, Black Legs 1
CPF-48705A99B Tip Top 710 Kit, 1800mm, Black Legs 1