Tip-Top Folding Table System Adaptor Pieces

These heavy duty adaptors allow you to take a standard round or square table leg and transform it into a folding leg.

FIS 409 Table Adaptor

This adaptor is for linking the table leg and table top.  The simple and robust release mechanism enables easy handling and a secure connection.


FIS Function Adaptor

This function adaptor is suitable for foldable tables with a single column.  It has an adjustable tilt from 0° to 25°, and is foldable to 90°.


Release Kit for Tip Top Tables

This release kit is designed to quickly and effortlessly release the table top when used with the Tip Top Table System.

1_99_3-cut-up 3-tip-top

Part Number Description Quantity Per Carton
CPF-47530A10 Table Adaptor FIS 409 50mm (1.97″), Used with 50MM (2.00″) round, Black, Red Level 12
CPF-47530C10 Table Adaptor FIS 409 70mm (2.75″), Used with 70MM (2.75″) to 76MM (3.00″) round or 2.00″ square legs, Black, Red Level 12
CPF-47540A10 Table Adaptor FIS Function Adapter RAL 9005, Used with 50MM (2.00″) round table legs – Allows up to a 25-degree tilt, Black 12
CPF-47532A99 FIS 409 Wedge, Anti-Twist Device 12
CPF-48792A99 Tip Top Release 710, 1 Complete Pair, 2 Release Mechanisms, 4 Spax-S Panhead 4.5x35mm, For Use With FIS 409, Does Not Include Release Bar and Legs 12