Tip-Top Folding Table System Adaptor Pieces

These heavy duty adaptors allow you to take a standard round or square table leg and transform it into a folding leg.

FIS 409 Table Adaptor

This adaptor is for linking the table leg and table top.  The simple and robust release mechanism enables easy handling and a secure connection.


FIS Function Adaptor

This function adaptor is suitable for foldable tables with a single column.  It has an adjustable tilt from 0° to 25°, and is foldable to 90°.


Release Kit for Tip Top Tables

This release kit is designed to quickly and effortlessly release the table top when used with the Tip Top Table System.


Part Number Description Quantity Per Carton
CPF-47530A10 Table Adaptor FIS 409 50mm, Black 12
CPF-47540A10 Table Adaptor FIS Function 50mm, RAL 9005, Black 12
CPF-47532A99 FIS 409 Wedge, Anti-Twist Device 12
CPF-48792A99 Tip Top Release 710, 1 Complete Pair, 2 Release Mechanisms, 4 Spax-S Panhead 4.5x35mm, For Use With FIS 409, Does Not Include Release Bar and Legs 12