MOS System


Protect your customers’ modular cabinet and chest units with the state-of-the-art MOS System. Utilizing a combination of soft foam and high-impact plastic, this system adds a new element of protection for high-end storage furniture.

Soft Framemos-softrahmen Base Platemos-sockelplatte Metal Pinmetalpin
Swivel Castor Silverswivel-silver Swivel Castor Blackswivel-black
Part Number Description Quantity Per Carton
CPF-26201A99 Metal Pin BS21 10x51mm 200
CPF-47002A06 Soft Frame 84x84mm, Black/Gray 200
CPF-47001A10 Base Plate 70x70mm MOS System RAL 9005, Black 200
CPF-09803A10 UFSLK 75 Double Swivel Castor Silver w/brake, 10mm, Soft Tread 200
CPF-10300A10 UFPR 75 Double Swivel Castor Black w/brake, 10mm, Soft Tread 200