HAL-IR Wheel

The most functional table wheel on the market.

hal-ir-rolle13 hal-ir-rolle04

The inner wheel fits firmly on the end of the table leg allowing the user to move the table or desk by tilting and rolling the unit with ease.  Adding the glide cap (sold separately) allows the table to rest on a secure surface when stationary.  With the wheel and the glide cap installed correctly, clients will never have to sacrifice mobility for style and functionality again.

CPF-46026A10 (shown with the glide cap)


CPF-46026F10 (shown with the glide cap)


Part Number Description Quantity Per Carton
CPF-46026A10 Wheel, 40x40x2mm, Black 50
CPF-46026F10 Wheel, 50x2mm, Black 50
CPF-46027A10 Glide Cap, 40x40mm, Black 50
CPF-46027D10 Glide Cap, 50x2mm, Black 50